Production of Bacterial Soil Fertilizers, Anaerobic Fermentation – Ferm&Go

Fermentia Ltd. has developed an anaerobic fermentation technology suitable for production of site-specific bacterial inoculum to degrade short-chain chlorinated carbohydrates (eg. tetra-, trichloroethylene) in contaminated soils and groundwater. After proper pretreatment of the groundwater, total dechlorination is carried out by the microbial community.

In all cases, we produce site specific microbial community as inocula. Using site specific microbial culture instead of commercially available inocula leads to a more effective and efficient bioremediation process.

Besides the production of the proper seed culture, we also offer:

  • technological/technical recommendations (how to properly pre-treat the contaminated area, how to apply the inoculum)
  • monitoring the bioremediation process, post monitoring

We are looking forward to your requests.

More information: project summary, project webpage