Development of a probiotic veterinary product to reduce the use of antibiotics to prevent postpartum uterine inflammation (metritis)

Every year, 700,000 people worldwide, including 25,000 European Union citizens, die as a consequence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Diseases caused by bactaerial pathogens resistant to antimicrobial agents pose a great risk not only to livestock but also to humans. According to expert opinions, the mortality due to antibiotic resistance by 2050 will precede the mortality of cancerous diseases. The purpose of this application is to promote sustainable agriculture by preventing and reducing the spread of antibiotic resistance. This is to be achieved by developing an antibiotic-free probiotic product for the prevention and treatment of uterine inflammation (metritis) in dairy cows. In the course of the application, we intend to substantiate the hypothesis, based on literature data, which the intravaginally administered probiotic (symbiotic) formulation contributes to the development of a healthy vaginal microbiota in dairy cows, thereby increasing the fertility rate and reducing the risk of cow metritis. As a result, the frequency of antibiotic treatments during housing can be reduced, thus reducing the use of antimicrobial drugs, thereby reducing the risk of developing resistance to antibacterial drugs.