Talajoltó Baktériumok Gyártása


Downstream Processing, Production of Bacterial Soil Fertilizer, Production of Probiotic, Anaerobic Fermentation

We are fully equipped to process the 1000 liter batches produced at our facility. Our staff is experienced in the isolation and purification of both secunder metabolites and recombinant proteins.

For the separation of the cell paste we can use our tubular bowl centrifuge or the separator. For the pelleting of yeasts or filamentous fungi we use a decanter.

Different filtration methods are available (frame filter press, micro-,  ultrafiltration) to concentrate and purify the produced fermentation broths to suit specific needs. For the disruption of the cell walls we use a two step homogenizer capable of providing 1000 bars of pressure for the task at hand. An AKTA900 FPLC system is used for the purification of the target proteins.

For the analytical measurement of biological processes, and isolation and purification tasks we use TLC, GC, electrophoretic techniques and qPCR.

Additionally we can utilize our Christ Epsilon 2-6D LSCplus lyophilizer for the stabilization of protein solutions or for other freeze-drying tasks.