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Development of starter culture for remediation of chlorinated hydrocarbons, preparation and testing of the scaled-up prototype


Development of an environment-friendly process for the production of gold nanoparticles and their use for biosensor signal amplification


Manufacturing the market leader bacterial soil fertilizer BactoFil products since 2007.


Development of a novel carrier family and automatic method-development system for quick elaboration of recombinant proten purification technologies. Project webpage


Some of our earlier Biotransformation projects: Biocatalyst production for the synthesis of Talampanel Talampanel is a non-competitive antagonist of AMPA receptor, and it is an

Summer internship

In the last decade we’ve cooperated, and still actively cooperate with hungarian universities specialized in our field of expertise.

Protein production

Recombinant protein production for diagnostic use.

Protection against corn rootworm

Development of a microbiological defense method against corn rootworm for Biofil Ltd. In 2016 a co-written article was published: Protein Patterns and Larvicide Activity of Crystalline Inclusions of Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. kumamotoensis DSM 6070 A conference abstract from 2012:


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