Talajoltó Baktériumok Gyártása, Lactobacillus Fermentáció


In the last ten years we have established a cooperation network with hungarian universities active in the fields relevant to our interests. Budapest University of Technology and Economics,one of our main partner have been participating in our mutual enzyme development program and we also accept students completeing their summer practice. At the University of Pannonia our head researcher holds courses every year, and students come from several faculties of the Szent István University to visit our plant. The ELTE TTK Microbiological Department holds external practice sessions at us for their postgradual training. Our researchers have led many BSc, MSc and PhD theses’s supervision and they have written numerous referee’s reports. Péter Sátorhelyi is a regular participant in the final examination board at the Szent István University, while Balázs Erdélyi is a participant in the BME VBK Biochemical Engineering final examination committee.