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Budapest Brand Award

Balázs Erdélyi has received the Budapest Brand Award.

Extracts from the articles in the Hungarian press releases on the occasion:

The Budapest Brand Award was given to high tech companies focusing on medical and biotech industry based in Budapest on 8th May 2014. Fermentia Microbiological Ltd. was among the awarded companies (partially thanks to our cooperations with ELTE (Eötvös Lorand University, Budapest) and BME (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)).

The award was handed to Balázs Erdélyi, general manager of Fermentia by Tamás Szentes, the Deputy Mayor of Budapest, by Barna Mezey, the President of the Hungarian Rector’s Conference and the Rector of ELTE, by Ágoston Szél, the Rector of Semmelweis University (SOTE), by József Zsolt Gajdácsi, the Deputy General Director of the National Health Insurance Fund Administration and László Korányi, the Vice President of the National Innovation Office. The General Meeting of Budapest has awarded companies successful in manufacturing medical equipments, in molecular diagnostics and in biotechnology.

In his speech introducing the awarded company Károly Márialigeti, the Director of the Biological Institute of ELTE pointed out that Fermentia is a perfect example of Hungarian biotech start-ups. The young, open-minded, but experienced staff is led by three researchers holding PhD degrees. Fermentia is taking part in several R&D projects together with ELTE and BME. The SME company is supporting the education of the inland bioengineers and other biotech experts.

The main activity of Fermentia consists of manufacturing various microbiological product and developing microbiological fermentation processes. Fermentia produces recombinant proteins for diagnostic purposes, DNA and pro-/prebiotics not only for Hungarian but for e.g. Scottish, Danish, Belgian multinational companies.

Budapest Brand Award was established in 2013 by the General Meeting of Budapest with the aim of gathering values and value-creating businesses in the capital city which may spread the good reputation of Budapest inland and abroad as well.


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