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Geography students visited us from ELTE

In the last few weeks many bioengineer student groups from different universities came to Fermentia to get an introduction to the aspects of the fermentation industry. Despite the differences in their education (BSc, MSc), I think that our guided tour of the facility provided them interesting informations about this part of a bioengineers job. Today however a group of geography students from ELTE came to visit us, because the laboratory park where our headquarters is, used to be a big pharmaceutical research institute. Back then 4 of us from the team of Fermentia were employed in this institute. To prepare for the presentation, I read some reviews and two of them were especially intriguing, both from the XXI. century. The earlier one was written by Dr. Antal Simay a n earlier director of the institute; the second one, the necrology is by Prof. Dr. József Székely. Both writings are true but wholly different in their approach to the subject.

History and major achievements of the Institute for Drug Research

Dr. Antal Simay

(The summary is in english, the rest of the text is in hungarian)


Egy kutatóintézet töndöklése és bukása

Prof. Dr. József Székely Iván

(Only hungarian text)


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