Norway Ambassador and Director of the Norway Grants to visit our company

We feel great honour that Olav Berstad, Ambassador of Norway and Mr Henning Stirø director of EEA and the Norwegian Mechanism Office (FMO), Mr Stein Mona, Senior Country Officer (FMO), and Ms Rannveig Skofteland (senior consultant, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Ms. Tímea Ruzsbaczky (Local Programme Officer for EEA and Norway Grants) visited our fermentation company. During the visit, we were able to present with our consortium partners the projects supported by the Norwegian Grants and our achievements so far.

During the visit, Mr. Balázs Erdélyi, Managing Director of Fermentia Kft. introduced the company to the honourable guests and then Prof. Károly Márialigeti (ELTE, Department of Microbiology) spoke about our bioremediation project ( Following the demonstration, a good mood discussion spelled out the problems of environmental pollution affecting our countries and their remediation possibilities, the need and importance of biological remediation and the aims and future plans of our research consortium.

After the site visit prof László István Lagzi (BUTE, TTK) and Dr. Nóra Adányiné Kisbocskói (NAIK) presented the most important results of the so called BioAuNP project ( Gold nanoparticled were produced biologically applied thermophilic filamentous fungi strains. We have also been able to demonstrate the method of measuring the immunosensor of mycotoxin QC1-I and OWLS bio-UNP-sensitive mycotoxin B1 using faster, cheaper and more sensitive measurements than before.

This visit and our interest in our projects is a great acknowledgment for us, which confirms us that it is worthwhile to believe and act on research and development.

We look forward to achieving similarly successful results with our partners in the future.