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Soil remediation project

The consortium consisting of Eötvös Loránd University Department of Microbiology, the norvegian Dynea SA and Fermentia Ltd. have started work on the project titled: “Development of starter culture for remediation of chlorinated hydrocarbons, preparation and testing of the scaled-up prototype”. It is largely funded by the Norway Grants – Green Industry Innovation Programme (HU-09), and its duration is 2 years. Its most important task is going to be the large scale (100 litres) production of a microbial consortia capable of bioremediating soil contaminated by chlorinated short chain carbohydrates. The first subtask in the next 6 months will be to prepare the laboratories at Fermentia, so they will be suitable for the work with anaerob microcosms.

Project webpage: http://karmentes.weebly.com/ (text only in hungarian)


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